Airborne Raptors Unlimited is dedicated to promote awareness, protection and appreciation of raptors and their environment through unique educational experiences with live animal ambassadors.

Airborne Raptor Videos

Pictures are provided by Mike Neubauer and Gordie Saiger.

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Specializing in..

Free Flight Demonstrations

  • Birds of prey show off their abilities to defy gravity in spectacular free flight performance.


Educational Programs

  • School groups come face to face with live bird of prey and learn about them in a fun, engaging, educational and interactive way while utilizing state and federal grade specific standards.


Video & Photography

  • Artists, photographers and admirers experience live birds of prey and have the chance to capture the magic of flight.


Falconry Outings

  • VIP's interact with some of the worlds best hunters during a unique hunting experience that utilizes birds instead of weapons.


Commercial Abatement

  • Falcons and hawks work with their trainers to solve pest problems in a green and humane way that benefits all stakeholders.


Special Events

  • Birds of prey compliment any extraordinary event and interact with others in an once in a lifetime interpersonal bird experience for all guests.