Airborne Raptors Unlimited is dedicated to promote awareness, protection and appreciation of raptors and their environment through unique educational experiences with live animal ambassadors.

Airborne Raptor Videos

Our services are competitively priced and vary to fit the needs of our clients

Show pricing occurs on a case by case basis. Birds and trainers may need several weeks for rehursal.  Long term show contracts are prefered and rate reductions are given accordingly. Airborne Raptors free flight shows are always a crowd pleaser no matter how large the crowd, or what the demographic. With over ten years experience in producing and scripting some of the largest bird of prey shows in the USA,
Airborne Raptors are known to give thier audiences a wonderful avian experience to be remembered by all.

Special Events
Our staff also provides raptors for special events, fund raisers, birthdays, celebrations and conventions. Our giant Owls are the largest species of Owl on the planet and have a wingspans of over six feet. Airborne Raptors owls are true show stoppers and compleate professionals, being confortable in almost every enviornment imaginable. Also for an extra fee Airborne Raptors offers upclose encounters where guests can even get a chance to hold the giant bird to get a picture with it.

Airborne Raptors have been cast as animal actors in a number of commercials, music videos, photo shoots and movies. Our bird can be trained to do many complex behaviors. Several weeks of training and practice with the bird is usually needed in prepearing for the part. Lilly our female craven, can be seen in HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones.
Abatement Services

Commercial Abatement
Airborne Raptor commercial abatement team offers the most professional and effective abatment services in the field. With over 30 years experince doing commercial abatment our staff is one of the most knowlagble and our flight crew is one of the largest in the country. We specialize in protecting blueberries, cherries and airports as well as other matters of public safty. We are competivly priced and efective in removing avian pest problems in a truley enviormentally freindly way.



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